Reverend Als Is Up To His Old Tricks Some Mo!

By Ray Vaughn


Reverend Als ain't got no creditability!

Reverend Als don't need no creditability!

Reverend Als don't have to show you any stinkin' creditability!

The preceding comments were adapted from one of my favorite movies "Treasure of the Sierra Madre."

Reverend Als could have written those lines for his latest "D" movie, "Big Turds Don't Fly." Al Sharpton, Reverend Als as he prefers to be addressed, is a complex man. He is in fact, many complex men.

To his followers, the good reverend is apparently a champion of their causes. Whatever that means has never been clearly defined.

Maybe his followers could ascertain just what those causes are. If that is the case, I tip my hat to them because I could not figure out what the brother represents. Maybe my failure to see those causes is owed to my not being the sharpest knife in the butcher's block.
But then, we all have our deficiencies.

My old buddy could have been right when he remarked that Reverend Als does not himself believe half of what he tells his followers. But, that begs the question of why he asks his followers to believe in things that he does not believe in.

This comment came from a person who is an avid supporter of Reverend Als mind you. He also stated to me that despite Reverend Als hypocrisy the black community needed him if only to make noise.

That is bad news people. Reverend Als is a noise maker.

People who load up on highly producing gastric foods can become noisemakers. From what I remember in the language of the streets is that the word noise means empty talk; meaningless verbiage; bluster. I am sure that my buddy did not have that meaning in mind. He probably meant that blacks need Reverend Als to stay on the white man's ass about any and everything he deems an act of racism. If that be the case then he has as much chance of seriously irritating the man as one fly has of irritating an elephant.

Just keeping it real folk.

One would be better entertained in the noise department by gathering up a class of preschoolers, giving them tablespoons and tin pie plates, and asking them to make out that they are first-class percussionists playing the music of Duke Ellington. I am sure you can dig that.

Many in the white and black community have come to view Reverend Als and his buddy as a couple of buffoons. Black folk need another buffoon like Custer needed another Native-American to run at a distance from.

But, hey it takes different strokes for different folks, and if the good reverend turns you on knock yourself out.

I figure any person who wants my support in anything had better produce some creditability. To establish creditability you must first be creditable. The creditability factor has gone from AWOL to Desertion status with the black folks second banana.
Just maybe, my man Reverend Als never had the creditability from the jump. Perhaps, it is mostly of problem of shifty eyes.

Mama warned about the people with shifty eyes as someone to avoid placing much trust in, and Reverend Als has shifty eyes.

Me thinks she be right.

But folks, shifty eyes are the least of Reverend Als negative baggage problems. So far, the man with the fried pompadour could not stick around long enough, on any of those so-called causes, which under normal circumstance would telegraph a clue to even his most mindless robotic followers that he has no any intentions whatsoever of any sustained follow-up. Having no plan to guide him he operates on the fly generally.

From what I can see, Reverend Als has great difficulty in standing firm to see his issues carry to an end. There is no finality in his pursuits.

This allows him the luxury and convenience to pick and choose the issue of the hour, real or imagined, to stay visible while not completing any of the things his followers are convinced that he is doing. So that at the end of the day the followers are really happy for having been left holding the bag by a man who they think have their best interest in mind. Not a good sign of a person who markets himself as a leader of his people. That he can amass such an ardent group of followers is quite an achievement especially since he is just as crafty as that other Reverend.

In a nutshell, Reverend Als ain't funny no mo!

Take one of his later capers.

The reverend has implied that he is thinking of running for president. The president of the United States that is.

Now folks, I realize that a black man can be many things in this country but to suggest that a black man can become the President is the sure sign that rigor mortis of the mind has set in. Come on people, you do not have to be Miss Cleo to predict that anybody with a black ass will never occupy the Oval Office.

As President for sure not!

Colin will hip you to that fact real quick.

Everybody knows that folks. You know that I am speaking the truth here, and you know that Reverend Als is runnin' down mind games on you. So folks, stop being an enabler for the big man's playacting. That president shit is all staged.

But, so far Reverend Als lame production is playing well with the black inhabitants of Zombieville though.

Since nobody but nobody, including Reverends Als, believes he will become president we have to question the reasons for this fella runnin' a bogus presidency mind game down on the good black folks.

Two reasons folks. From what I can tell, the main reason Reverend Als is runnin' this mind game is that he wants to.

The next reason is that there is enough light in the head black folks who forever willingly stand in line to let Reverend Als dump a load on them. It is always somehow the good black who end up having to clean the stink from their bodies after the Reverend Als, Jesse Jackson, and Kweisi Mfume Con-Express blows through town.

Seeing so many of the brother and sisterhood falling for these phony people is extremely frustrating, even depressing.

Call them brother and sister pitiful. Listen up folks, you all know that Reverend Als umbilical cord is permanently appended to the democrats and he ain't goin' no where because he can only do his pissin' and moanin' act within the Democratic Party.

But, black folks still submit to his kind as though their brains were as smooth as a baby's ass. It is sad seeing he and his ace boon coons such as Maxine Waters act like spoiled brats when they don't get their way with their white puppeteers within the Democratic Party.

They act worse than a two-year old spoiled brat who is denied a new toy. They go through every act of protest less than falling to the floor of the toy store, screaming and hollering and irritating all the shoppers. Maxine and Reverend Als scream, shout, holler, jump up and down, and threaten to bolt the Democratic Party's womb knowing all the while they have no intentions of leaving.

They can't.

Where they gonna go?

The Republican Party does not want Als, Jesse, Kweisi, Maxine and others like them in their party.

Truth is the Democratic Party do not want them either except to bring home the bacon as votes. Otherwise, the democratic have no use for black folks generally. Incidentally, this black vote scam is really a variation of the long standing evil plot of the brother who has no aim of doing right by the sisters when it comes to commitments.

Folks, to put it succinctly, these brothers generally advert to this scheme as the FSF method, find em, screw em, and forget em!

That is exactly the scheme the Jesse and the gang run on black folks. Find the voters, Screw the voters, and Forget the voters, until the next big election and then it is again recycling time.

Even if they wanted to leave, Maxine, Als, Jesse, and Kweisi do not have what it takes to sever their dependency from the democratic monkey on their backs. They are never far from their fix. Detoxification is a waste of time on these jokers.

You don't have to be a baby to cry, all you need is to look at the state of black America. Seeing an inordinate number of black folks having long capitulated the hope of ever becoming masters of their fate is enough to make you want to jump from the basement window to commit suicide.

Thanks to the white appointed black pimpship whose mission in life, as dictated by their massa, is, excepting their cronies, to keep many blacks in a welfare state, and hopeless their entire life.

But that is what you get when you take up pilgrimage with this bunch of sad ass niggaz who don't give a damn about you.

Call me a romantic, I like to be kissed when I'm getting screwed. With the Con-Express it is slam, bam, thank you ma'am style. If you are lucky.

When you hear teenagers refer to Reverend Als, Jesse Jackson, and Kweisi Mfume as black leaders one can attribute this mindset to immaturity. That is very different from hearing forty, fifty and sixty-year olds viewing these same chumps as such. This mindset alone should send shockwaves throughout the black community that there is widespread forced mind control at work here.

If the idea is that representation of the entire black population in America is vested in this bunch, namely, Jesse, Als and Kweisi, aka Black Leaders, then folks some of us need to be stretched out on that couch at the laughing academy.

We need to loose the demons from the upstairs department and set about getting our minds right.

The minute you get your mind squared away, life becomes so much better. Let me offer some initial steps to take to begin getting your mind right politically.

First, you must perform a thorough examination of the upstairs department. Ask yourself whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Green or any political party. If the answer is yes to any of these parties, you must take the next step and admit yourself that your mind is not right in this area.

I realize that many will have difficulty in admitting themselves that their political mindset is ajar. I understand folks. Be brave enough to face that kisser of yours, only a mother could love, in the mirror and say to it that this is day I shall get my mind right and stop being a doormat to Fido.

As long as you cannot face your political demons head-on, you will remain in a mental state of bondage and dependency.

The question is whether you want to stay enslaved in a system which forces you to play by their rules and by that remaining in a welfare state of mind, politically speaking. Or do you want to become the captain of your ship and force the politicos to seek you out.
After you come to grips that your mind is not right you can continue the rehabilitation process.

The next step is to dissociate yourself from any political party you are today registered with. For those who will register to vote for the first time do not register with any party. The idea is to register as a non-affiliated voter. There are no state laws written which force you to become a member of any political party to vote.

Once you complete these steps, you will suddenly become circumspect of just how politically free you are. You will immediately feel the power of being a nonaligned voter. You are then able to step back and view the political parties for what they represent. You will be able to make wise choices. The parties will begin lobbying you for your vote.

Especially the democrats and republicans. More important you will rid yourself of the Reverend Als and company. Imagine what a loss of 60 - 80 percentage of the black vote does for the Democratic Party. When the other politicians see that getting your votes is a very real possibility and can mean the difference between a win or defeat they will make serious efforts to address the issues which most concern blacks.

Issues such as profiling, drug laws, incarceration disparities, education and crime can seriously be dealt with even if it means voting for republican candidates to do this.

You will control their political destiny to a great degree making them obligated to meet many of your concerns, more than you are getting now with the current standing. If they do not deliver on their promises then it is come upping time the next round.

This election year offers you a golden opportunity to change the political landscape and put the three "F" crowd to rest once and for all.

It is all up to you.

Much love and respect to all the Badd Sisters where ever there are. I love a sister who does not take any shit from nobody, least of all the black male misogynist. They have the power to change the attitude of the brothers within their hands. One of the most astounding feats they can perform is to cut the hearts out of anyone who unfortunately gets out of line, throw it to the buzzards while simultaneously remaining a lady. Ain't nothing like the Badd Sisters.

Can you dig it?

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