Why? Why? Lord, why?

By Noble Johns

SEATTLE, Washington (BNW) --
While it is apparent by now that the two suspects in the 13 sniper attacks in the Washington D.C. area are caught and appear to be guilty, the overriding question in the minds of most white Americans like after the 911 attacks, is why? Why would two Americans want to kill other innocent Americans? Why?

On the West Coast investigators are digging into the background of two suspects in the 13 sniper attacks, searching for clues as to what might have motivated the killing spree. Again, why?

White America, can you stand a straightening? If you can, I’ll tell you the truth about, why!

Can you take it! Here goes!

Most Black Americans I know and talk to everyday hate America and white people, but because of their jobs and other material control that this country has over the Black community, Blacks will never express openly how they really feel about whites like the two suspects in the 13 sniper attacks for fear of payback.

It is apparent that we live separate lives in this country, even in our attempts to pretend that we are all united as one. Consider the O. J. Simpson case for example; when the whole world knew that he killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend, what happened when he was found him not guilty? The whole Black community jumped for joy at the dismay of white America. Now, what does that tell you about how Blacks feel about this country.

Most Black that read this article will feel that I have betrayed the Black community's carefully guarded secret for fear they may have to explain my words, but even Black people who whites would think should care about this country because they have enjoyed a level of success, deep down in their souls they share the same hatred for this country that was expressed by the two suspects in the 13 sniper attacks.

You may ask that if this is all true, why did they attack Blacks? It didn't matter to them because the Blacks they attacked, in their minds, are the same Blacks who are afraid to stand up against whites.

While I know this will cause denials on the part of many Blacks and dismay on the part of most whites; it's the truth and if you, whites don't believe it, I wish you could be a fly on the walls of most Blacks' homes in this country, and hear how we talk about y'all behind y'all backs, it would scared white people to death.

Now, they are looking into the background of John Allen Muhammad, 42, one of the men, who is a former soldier at Fort Lewis, Washington. You would think that being a former soldier, he would be a patriot, yet, it is known that he is sympathetic to the September 11 hijackers. This was reported in The Seattle Times this week, and was even quoted by an unidentified federal officials.

He and John Lee Malvo, 17, a Jamaican citizen believed to be his stepson, may have been motivated by their anti-American sentiments, the officials said. While the two had the nerve to carry out their feelings, most Blacks while they feel the same way, would never show their true feelings openly towards whites.

While neither John Allen Muhammad nor John Lee Malvo were believed to be associated with the al Qaeda terrorist network, authorities said, they shared the anti-American sentiments that most Blacks feel but would never say it in public because of reprisals and retribution from whites. You know it's true! Can you feel me? white Americans.

"It appears that they are and have acted on their own," authorities said Thursday. They were simply carrying out their individual hatred for their country that we all feel.

Muhammad converted to Islam and changed his name last year from John Allen Williams, investigators told the Times.

Muhammad had helped provide security for Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan's "Million Man March" in Washington D.C., according to Leo Dudley, a former Marine who lived a block from Muhammad. National of Islam officials in Chicago had no immediate comment.

Montgomery County, Maryland, Police Chief Charles Moose, the lead sniper investigator, announced Wednesday that Muhammad was being sought for questioning and called him "armed and dangerous."

The two men were arrested early Thursday after they were found sleeping in their car at a Maryland rest stop, authorities said.

On Wednesday, federal agents searched the yard at the house in Tacoma where Muhammad once lived. Investigators also combed through Malvo's Bellingham High School student records, reportedly seeking samples of his handwriting.

Muhammad, who was stationed at Fort Lewis in the 1980s and served in the Gulf War, had four children by two marriages that ended in divorce. Both involved bitter custody battles and at least one accusation that he abducted the children, the Times reported. Court records showed no felony record for him in Washington state.

This racist country has mastered corrupting the records of most Black Americans, and then after corrupting your life, they begin checking into that background to discredit Blacks and then give us a bad name. This is an old trick that has worked since slavery against Blacks!

Yes it's true, the first thing whites do when they think they have something on Blacks in this country is to do a background check. A background that they have purposely corrupted and defiled just to make the Black community look bad. That's one reason we hate you.

Check it out; the first thing the cops did with the two suspects in the 13 sniper attacks was to check their backgrounds so they could substantiate to the world that they are bad people with criminal records. While the two suspected snipers may be bad people who murdered innocent people, white people do the same thing to all Blacks, and think we are fools not to know the game of "check out their criminal background." A background that is usually framed by a corrupt criminal justice system in the first place.

That's why we hate you so!

Howevery, Muhammad didn't have a bad crimial background; it is said he was outgoing and "had a good sense of humor. He wasn't a quiet type. He liked to talk. He liked to mingle with people," Carol Williams, his first wife and the mother of his oldest son, told the Times.

She said Muhammad converted to Islam after divorcing her 17 years ago, about the time he joined the Army.

"After he changed his religion, he called and told me what not to feed my child," she said. "I told him as long as he (their son) lived with me, it was up to me."

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that Muhammad and Malvo stayed at a homeless shelter in Bellingham, where Mayor Robert Asmundson said the teen had minor run-ins with police but never was charged with a crime.

Carol Williams said that on one occasion, when their son was in middle school and visited Muhammad in Tacoma, she had to fight a legal battle for the boy's return.

She said Muhammad's second wife, Mildred Green, with whom he had three children, also called her a couple of years ago to tell her Muhammad had abducted their children and to ask for help in getting them back.

Elaina Whitlock, 38, who lived near the family for six years in Tacoma, told the Times that after the divorce from Green, Muhammad was granted weekend visitations but at one point left with the three children.

"Things were going OK with visitations and no one suspected he would take off with them, but then he couldn't have her and he knew it would hurt her if he took the children," Whitlock said. "Her life was her children."

Green was reunited with the children about a year and half ago, Whitlock said.

In the late 1990s, Muhammad provided money to start a karate school, former business partner Felix Strozier told The Associated Press. Muhammad promised to bring students from the local Muslim community, but not enough students came, and the school closed in 1998, Strozier said.

He said he and Muhammad parted on less-than-friendly terms.

"I was honored that he thought enough of me to back me with the school, but then I really got some really ill feelings about him once I had no support," Strozier said.

Muhammad was in excellent shape, former neighbor Dudley said.

"Any time he shook your hand, he would crush it," Dudley told the Times. "He was just country. He was from down South, and the military brought him up here."

There is no need to state why most Blacks hate their country, so; history is the best teacher for that, and if we are ever to become a united nation, Blacks most come clean about their feelings about their country, and whites should be in reality as to, why?

Let the public debate about this issue start!

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