Arrest made in sniper killings!

Fat Slim

By Sinclere Lee

ROCKVILLE, Maryland (BNW) -
- Matthew M. Dowdy aka Fat Slim was arrested after the claims he made to police about seeing the “One Shot” killer were proven to be false. Known to have a lengthy criminal record, Fat Slim has the whole country mad and wondering why someone would make false claims during such a serious time when people are losing their lives.

Fat Slim who claimed to have seen a man with a gun just before the latest Washington area sniper shooting has been arrested and charged with giving false information, authorities said. Yeah, it was all just a big fat lie!

According to Fairfax County Police Officer Sophia Grinnan, Fat Slim is from Falls Church,Virginia. An ex-convict by trade, apparently he wanted to get his 15 minutes of fame, and he did. But authorities said he will be serving it in jail.

Fat Slim originally was thought to be a key witness in the shooting of 47-year-old Linda Franklin outside the Home Depot store in Falls Church Monday, and the lie had the whole country thinking that finally the “One Shot” killer would be caught. And, the cops are pissed at Fat Slim for having them running around and looking like fools that they are.

He's been charged with one count of knowingly and willfully making a false statement to an officer who was in the course of investigating a crime by another, which is a Class 2 misdemeanor, Grinnan said.

Dowdy is in police custody and faces up to six months in prison if he's convicted on that charge.

Montgomery County, Maryland, Executive Doug Duncan -- whose county police department is spearheading the multi-jurisdictional sniper task force because the killings began there -- said he was pleased with the arrest.

"This is a serious matter, lives are at stake. We cannot have people misleading police and wasting our time," he said.

Nine people have been killed and two others wounded since October 2 in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

After Monday's shooting, Fat Slim told police he saw the gunman shoulder a weapon just before the shooting and then saw the shooter flee in a cream-colored van with the left taillight burned out.

That description was broadcast to law enforcement across the region and led to the shutdown of most major thoroughfares around the nation's capital as authorities searched for the van. After questioning Fat Slim further, they determined the van did not exist and he was lying.

Authorities in the past two days were optimistic that Fat Slim's information would help crack the case because there have been few witnesses to the previous sniper shootings.

All Fat Slim’s information is discredited, and authorities said the following details reported on the Home Depot shooting were nothing but lies.

For example, that the sniper was only 30 yards away when the shot was fired; that the sniper is a male with olive skin color; that a cream-colored van was used in the escape; that the sniper used an AK-74 rifle, stepped out of a van, put the gun to his shoulder and then fired — all a pack of lies by someone who has not respect for the truth.

Unfortunately, on Thursday and Friday police were back at the parking garage searching for new clues. Back to square one because of that lying ass Fat Slim!

Sources said other people at the crime scene provided partial license plate numbers and those are still being evaluated.

The Montgomery County Police Department is still relying on composite images of a white Ford Econoline van and white Chevrolet Astro, both with ladder racks. The vehicles were spotted at the scene of an October 11 sniper shooting in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in which a man was killed. The department also released composite images last week of a white box truck spotted at other scenes.

With the sniper investigation now in its third week, the only "common denominator" in all reports is that the shooter is a male.

The police official spearheading the probe remained stalwartly hopeful that authorities will catch the killer and repeated a plea to residents to step forward if they think they have information.

"I remain very optimistic," said Montgomery Police Chief Charles Moose, citing the talent, skill and energy of the investigators and tips and support from the community. Moose addressed reporters at Friday's sniper task force daily news conference in Rockville, Maryland.

Moose said he continues to field questions about a September 14 shooting in Silver Spring, Maryland, that police have investigated. He said that so far evidence in the case is inconclusive as to its connection to the other shootings.

In other developments that are true:

Local high schools have moved or postponed many athletic events.

FBI agents have been questioning an al Qaeda suspect being held in Belgium who bragged to his interrogators that he had witnessed al Qaeda training for snipers, European intelligence sources said Friday. The FBI refused to confirm or deny it had sent agents to Brussels.

Federal investigators plan to question suspected al Qaeda detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and elsewhere to see if any of them have any information about the sniper attacks in the Washington area, even though officials say there has been no indication of a link between organized terror and the shootings.

Hundreds of local, state and federal agents are working the case, and the Pentagon has authorized the use of Army surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft in the hunt for the killer or killers.

While Fat Slim is playing games with the truth of this tragedy, people are afraid and dying while he’s trying to get some attention and lying.

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