"One Shot" killer could be an angry American

By Sinclere Lee

Washington, D.C. (BNW) --
With the total break down of the criminal justice system in this country that has sent millions of innocent Americans, both Black and white, to prison for crimes they didn’t comment, it is reasonable to assume that the so-called "One Shot" killer is an angry American who has been screwed over by the criminal justice system. While that doesn't make what the killer is doing right, it is something to think about!

If we have learned anything from the terrorist attacks of 911 and the killings in the D.C. and Virginia areas, the lesson is that the cops on all levels in this country are stupid and incompetent, and for years have been getting paid free money for not, you hear me, not. . . doing their jobs!

The cops in this country are good at bursting down the doors of crack houses, and framing people to snitch on each other. They have mastered dragging prostitutes off the streets and throwing them in jail. And, they are great at letting the real criminals off if they snitch on an innocent person. Yet, when it comes to solving real crimes, like 911 and finding the "One Shot" killer, they are as impotent as a 90-year old man without Viagra.

Unfortunately for the American people, there has been another shooting in the Virginia area, and the cops don't have a clue. I guess they will put out another wanted poster of another vehicle; Vehicle Wanted Dead or Alive! That's the most stupid thing I have ever heard of , yet!

The fatal shooting of an Arlington woman outside a Home Depot last night has been "conclusively linked" to the series of sniper shootings that have now resulted in nine deaths in the Washington area since Oct. 2, Fairfax County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said this morning.

"Ballistics evidence conclusively linked this shooting to the others," Manger said in a morning press conference. Police also identified the victim of last night's shooting as Linda Franklin, 47, of Arlington. She was an FBI analyst and the mother of two grown children, an FBI chaplain at the house said today. She and her husband were going to move to another home in the area on Friday and they were at the Home Depot buying supplies for the move and new house.

The shooting in the Falls Church area occurred about 9:15 p.m. Monday at the Seven Corners Shopping Center, at the junction of two major thoroughfares in Northern Virginia. Manger said Franklin was fatally shot just after she arrived at her car with her shopping bags after leaving a Home Depot store.

Ellen Qualls, press secretary for Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner, said Fairfax police reported that the woman's husband was with her at the time of the shooting.

Police broadcast a lookout for a light-colored van seen leaving the area. Witnesses at the scene of a sniper shooting last week in Virginia described a similar vehicle.

This morning, Manger sought to add some information about the van that the "lookout" has been issued for. The vehicle is described as being a light-colored Chevy Astro van with a silver ladder rack on the roof and the the left tailout out. Manger said this meant the light "was not cracked but was not functioning."

Manger said police did not have enough information on the vehicle's possible license plate number to publicize it. "We got a number of license tags from witnesses. We are following up . . . but are not ready to release license plate information," Manger said this morning.

Police are checking out numerous leads this morning. "There was some additional information that we were able to get from last night's case and I am confident that that information is going to lead us to an arrest in the case," Manger said. He is meeting with Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose and members of the sniper task force this morning to coordinate information in the case. Moose has scheduled a noon press briefing in Rockville.

He also said it was unclear how the shooter or his vehicle had escaped the area without detection. "There are a fair number of ways to leave the area," Manger said this morning.

Last night's killing, about six miles from the District, occurred much closer to the core of the metropolitan area than three shootings last week that took place in less densely populated Bowie, Spotsylvania County and Prince William County. The previous week, five people were slain in Montgomery County and one in Northwest Washington, and a woman was wounded in Spotsylvania.

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