America’s Criminal System Will Never Allow The Three Muslim Men To Clear Their Names

By Nobel Johns

If you are Black or a man of color in America and do anything wrong, even if it was 30 years ago, this country will hold it over your head forever, even if you spit on the streets.

While a person can change their lives and start a new life in a few years, for a racist society like America, it would take generations to change a way of life, yet, America says it has changed from its racist past. I don’t think so! Yet, at the same time, America with its racist past will hold a petty crime against Black men in a racist country until the day they die. What’s up with that?

So it is hopeless for the three Muslim medical students detained to ever clear their names after a racist white woman said they were discussing terror plans. It just doesn’t work that way in a racist country like America.

This country has destroyed the lives of millions of Black men in the name of criminal justice. How can you oppress a group of men in a racist society on the one hand, and give them criminal justice on the other hand? that just doesn't make sense! Especially in the still racist South, you can forget it; the three Muslims men will never clear their names, and they will never study to become doctors, not in this country!

For example, the head of Larkin Community Hospital in Miami said Sunday he had received more than 200 e-mails after the incident, some threatening, and now the three Muslim students are not welcome there. How racist can you get?

``Obviously, nothing is final,'' said Dr. Jack Michel, president and chief executive officer of Larkin. ``Our primary objective is to take care of patients. I don't know how that could be done with all this media coverage.''

He said the medical school where the men are studying, Ross University, had agreed to transfer them to a different training program.

Kambiz Butt, 25, said Sunday that he and Ayman Gheith, 27, and Omar Choudhary, 23, want to continue their education in the United States. Right!

``We're medical students. We are not terrorists,'' Butt said, flanked by Gheith and Choudhary. ``Our concern in life is to become doctors. We want to help people. We do not want to hurt.''

Butt, the only one of the students to speak at a news conference, said they were worried about their futures but have no resentment toward the woman who told authorities she overheard them discussing terrorist plans Thursday at a restaurant in Calhoun, Ga. They were detained for 17 hours, but were not charged with any crimes.

``We're in a state of shock and we are scared,'' Butt said. ``But I'd like to tell the American people that we are not a threat.''

The woman who called authorities, Eunice Stone of Cartersville, Ga., said she heard the students talking about blowing up buildings and laughing about the Sept. 11 attacks. She also said she heard the students saying that a terrorist event was looming on Sept. 13.

``Not once did we mention 9-11. Not once did we mention anything about 9-13, nor did we joke about anything of that sort,'' Butt said. ``She was probably just eavesdropping on our conversation and might have heard a few key words that she misconstrued.''

Butt said he believes Stone was attempting to be ``a patriot for America.''

Stone stood by her report of what she heard and said she would do the same thing again.

``I am not a racist, and I am not ignorant,'' she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ``I was just trying to do what's best.''

Brett Newkirk, one of four attorneys representing the students, called the situation ``an incident of misunderstanding.''

``They are Americans, just like any other American, who are proud to be American, who want to fulfill the American dream, and who were on the road to doing that when the American nightmare happened to them,'' Newkirk said.

David Kubiliun, another attorney for the men, said all three are U.S. citizens. Gheith is a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Jordan.

The three students were in two cars and en route to Miami on Friday when authorities stopped them on Interstate 75 after one of the vehicles allegedly went through a toll plaza without paying. Newkirk denied they had not paid.

Officials at Ross University, which is based in New York City but has a campus on the Caribbean island of Dominica, did not immediately return calls for comment on Sunday.

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