Pakistan Justice!

By Nobel Johns

WASHINGTON (BNW) -- I was watching the television when the Pakistan army or whoever they were paraded Ramzi Binalshibh, the so-called wanted-to-be one of the 911 hijackers through the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, after his capture. Man, they dragged that little dude through the streets like a dog, with guns upside his head, and they had him blindfolded and in chains from head to toe.

After seeing this kind of justice, I said to myself, wow; we need them over here to help clean-up the projects because they do not play! And, these people are keeping it real.

Pakistani officials said Saturday they were questioning two top al Qaeda operatives sought for their alleged roles in the September 11 terror attacks on the United States -- but refused to identify them by name. But from all indications, one of the men arrested is Ramzi Binalshibh.

He was captured after a shootout during two raids in Karachi, Pakistan, on Wednesday — one year to the day after the September 11 terror attacks killed more than 3,000 people in the United States.

Binalshibh is believed to be a significant planner in the September 11 attacks. It is believe he had financial and other connections to Mohammed Atta, who was one of the 19 hijackers.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Inam ul-Haq told reporters on Saturday that no decisions on extradition requests will be made until the Pakistani investigation is completed, but the way they were beating his little ass, he’ll be better off in the US facing execution.

Ramzi Binalshibh was Born May 1, 1972 in Hadramawt, Yemen, and he has warrants issued in Germany for murder conspiracy and terrorism charges. He was also described in a documentary by the Arabic TV news network Al-Jazeera as the coordinator of the September 11 operation.

George W. Bush said Saturday: "Yesterday, thanks to the efforts of our folks and people in Pakistan, we captured one of the planners and organizers of the September 11 attack that murdered thousands of people."

Bush can try to take credit for the arrest if he wants, but all the credit goes to strong arm tactics of Pakistan. They're kicking ass and taking names, in Pakistan!

Speaking to reporters Friday, Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said 10 al Qaeda suspects had been arrested in Wednesday's raids, including an "important" person, although he did not name him as Binalshibh.

He said the 10 included one Egyptian, one Saudi and eight Yemenis. Two other al Qaeda suspects were killed in the operations, Musharraf added. I suppose the two that got killed are better off dead than to be in custody of Pakistani officials.

Although Pakistan has given few details on the arrest, officials in Islamabad and Washington have both called Binalshibh's capture a significant development in fighting the al Qaeda threat.

The arrest follows dozens of raids across the country over the past months as security forces attempt to track down al Qaeda members who are believed to have crossed into Pakistan following the fall of the Taliban regime in neighboring Afghanistan.

To date, officials say, over 400 arrests have been made, although Binalshibh is by far the most prominent al Qaeda member captured to date, and each one is getting a good old fashion ass kicking as I write.

If he decides to talk, experts say, and he will, he could provide important details about the planning and financing of last year's attacks.

Binalshibh has also been linked to at least one post September 11 attack -- on a synagogue in Tunisia blamed on al Qaeda gunmen.

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