It’s Time Bill O’Reilly And Other Real Americans Show Their Patriotism By Wearing Armed Service And Combat Lapel Emblems!

By Ray Vaughn

One can hardly turn on the television without seeing an American flag pin stuck in the lapel of suit wearing men. This is especially true with news anchors, show hosts, guest, and members of Congress, the Executive Branch, and everybody else whom happen to show up on the idiot box.

My guess is that this is somehow to be translated, by the viewer, as a sign of the wearer’s sincere patriotism to the United States of America.

While that may be true of Bob Dole, Paul Wellstone, John McCain or Daniel Inouye, and others who bear the physical scars of their service to this country the television screen is alive with those whose sincerity and motives for wearing this pin are open to question.

Unlike these gentlemen, we've much John Wayne types who had the opportunity to suit up as member of the armed forces but chose not to for various reasons.

Some declined to dedicate a couple years of their lives in the service of their country for personal reasons. Others simply used every available scheme to avoid service when America called on them especially in time of her need.

I believe the operative term for such scheming is “Draft Dodging,” Just like their hero, John Wayne, a tactic used by white well-connected young men.

The lessons of John Wayne were handed down to the current generation of real patriots.

If you ask the average American if John Wayne ever served in the armed forces, I'd be incline to think most would answer yes.

To point how successful and persuasive the John Wayne propaganda and brainwashing machine is look closely at the following definitions.

John Wayne –Army. 1. Very tough and durable; militarily exemplary. 2. To handle a weapon, esp. a machine gun, in an ostentatiously unconventional way.

John Wayne it –To be very tough, taciturn, and virile: I’m supposed to go around John Wayne-ing it all the time.

John Wayne’s brother –Army. A good soldier; ideal fighting man.

John Wayne’s sister (mother) –Army. A weak, lazy, self-indulgent person.

That's what a string of movies to portray him as an All-American war hero did for him.

Congress even contributed to this mythology by issuing a medal for “John Wayne, American.”

This isn't surprising of Congress. Many of them are busily remaking, even distorting, their dedication to America. This is particularly disturbing since, it's my understanding; two-thirds of its membership has never served in the military.

Having never been a member of the armed services isn't a crime mind you, it just reinforces the fact the further you get away from the Vietnam era the fewer chance of a Congressperson having served the military.

I in no way want to leave you with the impression that one serves in the armed forces to be thought a patriot. Truly some of the most unpatriotic often are former military members.

However, I find it distasteful hearing and seeing those who had other priorities in life when it came to them sacrificing a couple or so years in defense of a country which gave so much to them run mind games down on the credulous by shouting to the heavens of their unwavering patriotism.

It's especially repulsive when shouted by those who dodged the draft.

It's bad enough that this bunch would blatantly display their bogus patriotism some have even elevated themselves to a position of deciding who's a patriot.

Usually, your agreeing or disagreeing with their definition determines if you're patriotic.

An example of this John Wayne bogus patriotic mindset is William O’Reilly or “Bill,” as he likes to be addressed.

For those of you who are not familiar with William, let me give some insight on this chap.

The first thing you need to know is that William O’Reilly is, I think, an acolyte of the late Mort Downey Jr. who hosts a talk aptly called “The O’Reilly Factor.” It’s a show broadcast on the “We Distort, We Decide Faux News Chatter.”

A network which, I think, is the Official Propaganda Division of the Executive Branch of United States Government.

But, that's another story which calls for some in depth commentary. I'd be willing to discuss this subject; however, this story is about patriotism.

Secondly, William is many men.

He's man who's quick to label any guest appearing on his show, no matter the subject, as a pinhead, stupid, uniformed and worse who’s opinion is contrary to him while simultaneously advocating that he's an open mind.

Anyone who dares question the actions of the President, United States foreign policy, or the systematic stripping away of the Constitution by the dictatorial powers in the Nation’s capital is anti-American and unpatriotic.

I think the only factual thing about his upstairs department is that it shows all signs of a person suffering from an advanced state of Rigor Mortis Of The Brain.

Maybe this account for his antisocial and psychotic behavior. I understand than a common cure for this affliction is to travel to The Mohave Desert during the summer to count the stars at high noon each day for a period of six weeks.

Another man in William, I firmly believe, is one who's consumed with the hatred of blacks.

Often, he tries to hide his racism by delving into various maladies and afflictions in the black community and stating his reasons for commentary of them as being solely a result of his concern for the children and blacks generally.

Although he's no good at hiding his true feelings to black folk, one thing you have to acknowledge about William O’Reilly.

He is one sorry ass mother.

Like his mentor, Mort Downey, William is a master of the ambush. He'll, for example, invite a black person to the show to discuss Jesse Jackson. A man he's openly displays a very real pathological racist animus to.

If the guest defends Mr. Jackson during the conversation, William will suddenly mention black maladies which have totally nothing to do with Jackson. My guess is that he wants his mostly white, with a couple of black mentally deranged cheerleaders, to blame Jackson as being responsible for these social ills.

To illustrate the lunacy of William O’Reilly recently, he had a radio personality, who was black, on the show to discuss comments by Jackson which appeared in the Washington Times regarding police brutality against blacks.

At the beginning of the show, William ragingly commented on the Jackson article in his “Talking Points” segment thereby setting the stage for the confrontation with the radio fellow.

O’Reilly asked the gentleman in what has become his opening line to the confrontation, “What say you”? The radio personality began by greeting him with “Good evening, Mr. O’Reilly,” whereto O’Reilly displayed his contempt of the guest by fully ignoring the greeting.

The guest then launched into the meat of the conversation by pointing out that O’Reilly had taken Jackson’s comments entirely out of context. Reading from a copy of the Washington Times, the guest noted that O’Reilly had started at the second paragraph and failed to denote that it was basic to attach it to the first paragraph to understand what Jackson was addressing in his remarks about police brutality.

O’Reilly too had a copy of the text. When the guest insisted the first paragraph is noted for the viewers, O’Reilly begrudgingly ceded that the guest truly was correct. But that didn't stop William. He always has another trick in his racist bag.

He does not enjoy being put in his place by a more than forcing black man.

William O’Reilly does not like Uppity Niggers.

Especially, those intellectually superior niggers who go up his ass all the way.

Blacks who have their shit together.

He then went to his ambush mode by grabbing a second document from his table announcing to the world that giving to the Justice Department statistic blacks commits eighty-percent of the serious crimes against blacks. The guest commented that whites probably committed eighty-percent of serious crimes against whites, When pushed by the guest William painfully read the actual statistics for whites. It was seventy-four percent. A difference of six percentages points.

Pissed off, O’Reilly babbled of the large percentage of black children enrolled in the Chicago school system at the fourth grade level who couldn't read as though illiteracy were responsible for white policemen brutalizing blacks.

For a white man to highlight the social ills of black folk while simultaneously ignoring those same ills within the white community suggests his racist agendum.

William O’Reilly is also a man who holds public officials accountable to him for any decision or action they take in the act of their duties which he disagrees with.

These officials include the likes of Alan Greenspan, Senator Clinton, Senator Hollings or anyone else who he deems must come on his show and explain why the voted a certain way on a particular bill; for example.

Recently, he had on his show. A lady, whom I think, who lost a love one in the events of September 11, 2001. Apparently, the lady had appeared before a Senate committee hearing in which Senator Hollings was instrumental in denying her of a certain request.

O’Reilly ranted and raved as though a mad man over Mr. Hollings action and challenged the senator to appear on his show to explain his denial.

Anyone who refuses to appear is somehow hiding from the wrath of the intimidating William O’Reilly, a force to be reckoned with. Among this group is Senator Clinton and Jesse Jackson.

Did I mention that he's also thinking himself a god?

He also pisses and moans a lot.

Lastly, he is a vindictive man. A perfect example of the evil in this specimen was his plan to remove from the website named O’Reilly Sucks. The web URL is

Apparently, William O’Reilly did not cotton to being exposed for what he is. So he had his lawyer contact the webmaster and try to bogart the fellow from the web.

We are speaking of a common, law abiding American citizen who taking advantage of the web to voice his opinion about Mr. All Spin. Never mind that the chap was by, his own admission, disabled and living with his father.

There is no level of depravity this guy won't lowered himself whereto is no small feat considering he's already looking up from the ground now.

But that's Massa William “All Spin Zone" O’Reilly for you.

When I think of O’Reilly four words appropriately pertain to him. They're mendacity, hypocrisy, bigotry and racist.

Since William O’Reilly has, I think, anointed himself a patriotism expert of sort it is time we examine his qualification for such an esteemed position.

We thank Jackie Corr, for help in making this part of William’s life available in the Buzzflash article “Vietnam and the Bill O’Reilly Nothing But Spin Zone.”

Being a man nearing his mid-fifties makes O’Reilly ripe for military service during the late 1960s either as a draftee or volunteer.

A golden opportunity to display his patriotism.

In this respect, he shared this problem with a man he thoroughly detests William Jefferson Clinton. You'll recall that much bitterness is directed to Mr. Clinton’s wheeling and dealing to avoid military service. Many view him a traitor, draft dodger and worse.

Yet O’Reilly’s actions, I think, to avoid military service during this time has been wiped as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

No matter how much O’Reilly flaunts his bogus patriotism he chose to run away from one of the most admirable patriotic act known to man.

To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. He left that higher calling to the blacks, browns and poor white folk.

He let their parents suffer the lost of a son on the battlefields of Vietnam while he and his parents had a good old time seeing him attend Marist College, and display is athletic skills on the football field.

My guess is William didn't join the military because the Army did not have a football team in Vietnam for him play on.

I am persuaded the better explanation is that he hated America.

William O’Reilly knows nothing about the enlistment oath; however, he does know a lot about something else.

He knows talking shit!

Like his arch-enemy, Mr. Clinton, O’Reilly found time to attend college in England. Ironically, these two spent some time attending college in England simultaneously. William O. at the University of London and William C. at Oxford.

To make sure he avoided military service, O’Reilly returned to Marist and got his undergraduate degree.

He then took a teaching position in Florida. After a two-year stint there he showed up Boston University where he got his graduate degree. By this, the draft had ended and O’Reilly had successfully made his escape from it.

But, you will never hear of his patriotism during this period of his life.

He would rather spew from his mouth racism and bigoted bile to a people have who always answer the bell when their country called on them despite suffering centuries of depravity.

From the Civil War to the present campaign in Afghanistan, blacks have always been there for a country who's a history of treating them as sub-humans. And they'll always be there to carry out the orders of the Commander In Chief, and the officers appointed above them to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Imagine a specimen like that thinking he's superior to black people that time and time again prove their dedication to the country that they love.

There's no greater love for your country than to lay down your life for it.

But, William O’Reilly isn't the only John Wayne type patriot. The abyss is full with these Bibles toting super patriot makeovers.

Thanks to the folks at New Hampshire Gazette and a “Chickenhawk Database,” we can list some of these modern day patriots having never served in the military.

A sampling of the dishonor roll of super patriots finds the following names among its membership.

Sean Hannity, Britt Hume, Tony Snow, Roger Ailes, Fred Barnes, Geraldo Rivera of Faux News.

By the way, giving to the results of a PEW Research studies, Faux News is less creditable than their rival CNN. In that same report, Rivera is the least creditable of all network personalities. Excepting Aaron Brown of CNN, Britt Hume came in second.

Contrary to what O’Reilly and the Faux folk tell you, viewers see Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and Tom Brokaw as being more creditable than any member of the Faux lineup.

For good reason William and the Faux News folk do not discuss that report. However, you can read it at

You need to read it to be able to see through the bullshit of the propaganda machine.

Members of the Legislative Branch are Dick Armey, Bob Barr, Tom Delay, Phil Gramm, Dennis Hastert, Tim Hutchinson, Saxby Chambliss, and Tom Delay.

Members of the Executive and Judicial branches include, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Ted Olson, John Ashcroft, Asa Hutchinson, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Spencer Abraham, Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, Andrew Card, and Richard Perle.

Prominent personalities and talking heads include William Kristol, Alan Keyes, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Steve Forbes, Michael Reagan, Gary Bauer, Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Frank Keating, Wayne LaPearre, Ted Nugent, George Will, Bill Bennett and Jack Kemp.

Let us not forget the religious hacks of the Laughing Academy. They include Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell,

Mama admonished me to avoid sad apples like these two who use the pulpit to preach bullshit.

They remind me of the songs, “Stealin’ In The Name Of The Lord.” And, “Everybody Talkin’ Bout Heaven Ain’t Goin’ To Heaven.”

If it’s any consolation for those planning on going to heaven be thankful that O’Reilly, Falwell and Robertson don’t hold the keys to the gate.

I can already hear them sayin’ come on in papa, come on in, momma, grandma, grandpa, cousin Festus, Adolph, Stalin, Manson, all the blue eyed, blond hair Aryans, and people like themselves.

Conversely, I can hear them shouting, Niggaz, we have put up with your lazy black ass all our life so if you think you shall pass through these gates you are out of your rabbit ass mind.

We let your shiftless ass in, and we will have to start building prisons up here.

They also yell, there ain’t no room for faggots, Japs, or Jose either.

That’s, I think, the way they talk among themselves.

Only the super patriots and their friends are permitted to enter the streets paved with gold.

As you can see it gets confusing in trying to recognize a long standing actual patriot versus a John Wayne acolyte.

To stop this problem I propose that two lapel pins denoting serving in the armed forces generally, and serving in a War Zone, are design to worn by men and women along side the American flag pin.

Maybe there are those appearing on television who would prefer not to wear a pin of any type on their clothing.

For them, I've a simpler solution. While the guests are appearing on the various Jerry Springer type shows like “All Spin Zone,” “Hannity and Colmes,” or “Hard Balls,” an insertion in the screen graphics denoting the guest’s military and combat information. This information would remain visible as long as the guest is visible to the viewer.

The host’s military information must be display. So that, viewers can make a proper assessment of the hosts credibility when they start jabbering about the need to send American troops to un-ass my man Saddam Hussein from his throne.

The dictator in the White House decided that he alone occupied a position in this world.

Maybe its time for him to open his inventory of Weapons of Mass Destruction to inspection by Saddam Hussein.

As far as I know, the only people to have dropped an atomic bomb on a country were white.

Thanks to the John Wayne patriots he can continue his deceitful campaign of terror on the home of brave and the not so free anymore.

His official propaganda division, Faux News Chatter, is carrying out its marching orders by devoting at least ninety-five percent of its broadcast day to removing a head of state.

In these times, we must reserve a place in our hearts for the defenders of that marvelous document called the Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

But that is something that avowed racist and hater of the Constitution William O’Reilly know nothing about.

Adolph Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Josef Goebbels are alive and well and reside in the person of William O’Reilly.

Save for a mustache, William O’Reilly is a spitting image of his idol Adolph himself.

But, don’t take my word for it. Next time, you see him on the screen examine his facial features and see the likeness.

For a person who is “the most watched in prime time” and a cable network who labels itself “the network America trust for fair and balanced reporting,” they surely are acting to the contrary.

I am persuaded that people are starting to see him for the vile and despicable character that he is.

And the Faux News Chatter for they are. All propaganda, all Right Wing, continually.

Why else would be pimp himself and Faux News on CNN, TV Land and other networks they abhor?

Finally, until William O’Reilly can prove to his followers that he ever took the following oath I would suggest they take his patriot rhetoric for the bullshit that it is.

“ I William O’Reilly, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God,”

Let all those on the dishonor roll show their patriotism by being the first in line to fight in Iraq.

Later, on for Billy Goat.

Ray Vaughn can be reached at

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