Another case for reparations

Mr. Edward Blum, director of legal affairs at the American Civil Rights Institute wrote: The greatest racial myth our society struggles to overcome is the belief that blacks are simply unable to make it in America. Slavery reparations are tailor-made not only to foster a sense of victimhood on the part of Black America, but will additionally reinforce the stigma of black inferiority.

First of all, Mr. Edward Blum should speak for himself. Our Federal Government gives away billions of dollars to other countries and people. African Americans have not yet been paid for the slave job done for hundreds of years, building this country with slave labor for the white Europeans and their offspring who now control, own, and still prosper today. Reparations would only be a Band-Aid for an injustice that could never be repaid with money! But since we live in a money oriented society, many sons and daughters of slaves could and would use this payment to improve their living conditions or maybe educate the next and 1st African American President!

People like Gregory Kane, referred to African Americans as those people; Linda Chavez who is not black so she has no understanding of the issue; Jay Parker says for those people to leave him along; Juan Williams, and Joseph Hicks are just a few of the house niggers who are ignorant and have become brain washed to feel what many whites feel, that the country (US) owes he or ancestors of slaves nothing! Not even an apology. Mr. Blum and others like him are just like the house Niggers old. When the master got sick the house Nigger felt sick too! However, when the field Nigger heard that his slave master was sick, he said, "When is he going to die! Which one had a brain?

Get the point!

These were two slaves but treated differently. One was in the house and one was in he field. So it is with some African Americans today! The ones in the house have accepted the injustice of the pass because they are content with their life and have been absorbed into the white culture.

But what about those ancestors of slaves who did not get out the gate? The house Nigger would say, forget them. It's their fault. Look at me, I made it! There's a old saying; if your thrown in a deep enough hole, you may not get out. Those who feel like the above, were not thrown in a deep enough hole!

Our government paid the Japanese for the injustice done to them during the their internment and they were not enslaved. Reparations will never repay African Americans for the injustice of slavery, but it would help and would maybe be a start to showing some kind of remorse for the unGodly act of Human outrage where murder, rape, brutality and many other kinds of social injustices were allowed by White LAW!

Many African Americans are only trying to catch up in a race where the starting line was not the same distance! Why not land and money? It has always been this countries great equalizer! Yes, many want their slave father's and grandfather's paycheck! If African Americans don't deserve Reparations, then whites don't deserve the wealth and stolen land they have gained throughout the centuries from the free labor of African Americans! The White cop out is, we had nothing to do with slavery. This was the doing of our ancestors. Well give back the stolen unpaid wealth and land that they left for ya’ll! You're holding stolen goods which makes you a thief! This has nothing to do with blacks making it in America! THIS IS ABOUT WHAT'S RIGHT AND DUE PAYMENT! For you ignorant Blacks, we don't need in this fight for what is a Godly right!

God is angry with the wicked everyday. Psalms 7:11

In Christ

Elder Wm Dominick

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