Republicans still hating on Black America

By Noble Johns

WASHINGTON (BNW) — Since J.C. Watts of Oklahoma, the sole Black Republican in Congress, recently said he would not seek another term hopefully more Blacks will abandon the racists in the Republican Party for either the Democrates of Independents.

The GOP has demonstrated a ``lack of commitment to include Blacks among its ranks of elected officeholders,'' an Unban League report states. ``The Republicans have seemed content to play appointive politics with the Black electorate.''

Pamela Mantis, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, contends there are Black Republicans in elected offices across the country, as well as Black candidates. That is an extortion of the truth, the fact of the matter is that every so-called Black Republican I know has to give up his culture and betray his race to be successful in the party. In other words, you got to kiss a Republican ass longer than a Democrat's.

``If anyone is playing politics with the Black vote, it is the Democrats,'' said Mantis, noting she had not seen the report. Polls show many Blacks ``feel the Democrats are taking their vote for granted,'' she said.

Is this a foolish statement or what? coming from an obvious Republican.

Blacks also represent 38 percent of all AIDS cases reported in the United States, Maya Rockeymoore, of the Urban League's Institute for Opportunity and Equality, says in an essay citing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures.

The Urban League's report is scheduled to be released at a news conference in Washington on Wednesday.

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