Tiger a disgrace to any race

By Sinclere Lee

MUIRFIELD, Scotland(BNW) —
I am glad Tiger Woods said he’s not Black because his latest statement about the refusal of these racist and sexist golf clubs to admit women shows that he’s a disgrace to any race. This may be the only time in the history of modern golf that its living legion has been embarrassed about playing golf, but Tiger Woods has been put on the defensive for his stupid and naive statements, of late.

The world's No. 1 golfer was asked repeatedly about his feelings playing a major championship at yet another all-male course, like the Masters' Augusta National. Muirfield, officially The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers founded in 1774, doesn't allow women in the clubhouse as a rule.

Where Woods is trying to take his game — as winner of The Masters, the U.S. and British Opens and the PGA Championship in the same year — would catapult him not only into the upper echelons of golf but also into the realm of modern-day sports legend. Perhaps this is the reason that Tiger is in denial and refuses to face up to the fact that only ten years ago his Black ass wouldn't be allowed at the Masters' Augusta National.

"They're entitled to set up their own rules the way they want them," Woods said when asked his position on the controversy. "It would be nice to see everyone have an equal chance to participate if they wanted to, but there is nothing you can do about it."

How pathetic for him to say that when people like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and many others died to give this fool a chance to be the great player he is today; the civil rights sacrifices that have allowed Tiger to be all he can be were certainly not made by his father!

Woods, who is of African-American and Asian descent, was asked if he'd feel the same way if the rule applied to race. "Yes," he said. "It's unfortunate that it is that way, but it's just the way it is."

Criticized in the past for not using his prominent position to do more to bring about change, Woods said this week he feels he is doing his part with his charitable foundation that seeks to involve disadvantaged kids in the game. Yeah, that sounds like a scripted massage.

"A lot of these clubs, that's what they believe and that's what they've believed for a long period of time," said Woods, who seemed unprepared for the questions. "It would be nice to see every golf course open to everyone who wanted to participate, but that's just not where society is."

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