You stinking racist motherfuckers — quit hiding behind the fucking N-word! Just say Nigger! Live up to your values!! Handcuffing the Dead and Wounded is a crime against nature: A Police Tactic Hits a Nerve, and Calling them for help is like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun

Black vote is X factor’ to beat Trump in US midterm elections

Black voters rebuff Trump during midterm and his gatekeeping Niggers

White man faces hate-crime charges in Kentucky killing of two Blacks at grocery store

Justice Dept. brings hate crime charges against man accused of shooting Black customers at Kentucky Kroger. The neddle is too good for you!

The Green Book was required reading for black Americans during the mid-1900s

Congressional Black Caucus votes ‘no confidence’ in Democratic Chairman Tom Perez

Americans got be a group rotten people to need a law for prison, sentencing reform in the first place

If Someone Disputes Racism in the Criminal Justice System, Show Them This

The Color of Justice

Trump's prison reform: Republicans on side but some progressives hold out

You stinking racist motherfuckers — quit hiding behind the fucking N-word! Just say Nigger! Live up to your values!!

Kayla Morris took a knee during the national anthem for a second time prior to Monday's

If you don't kneel for something you'll fall for anything;

49ers Cheerleader Who Kneeled During Anthem Identified As Kayla Morris, of Antioch, California

Mother of security guard shot dead by white cop at bar wants ‘to see justice done’

Lynching memorial shows women were victims, too

Florida Lynched More Black People Per Capita Than Any Other State, According to Report

Mississippi Sen. Hyde-Smith, facing black opponent, jokes about attending 'public hanging'

Rochester Hills man gets 4-10 years for shooting at lost Black teen; when in the join, you gone get fucked!

Slain security officer a victim of irrational ‘fear of Black men’? They have been scared of Niggers!

Handcuffing the Dead and Wounded is a crime against nature: A Police Tactic Hits a Nerve, and if yor're Black, calling them for help is like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun

People have been shot and killed by police in 2018

If you're a Black man , calling the Cops for help could be a death sentence for you

In fear of his life, Midlothian police officer shoots bouncer at Robbins night club

Florida orders recount of Senate & governor races, Gillum withdraws concession to DeSantis

‘If Trump Is A White Supremacist, He’s Doing A Very Good Job For Black People,’ Says ‘Young Black Conservative’

Protesters swarm Broward County’s elections headquarters amid unproven fraud claims

Whoops! Brenda Snipes’ office mixed bad provisional ballots with good ones — I have never seen an election I couldn't fix! We win the old fashion way — we steal it!

The Trump Era Is Destroying Black Civics, but Delivering Black Votes

‘What a stupid question’: Trump demeans three Black female reporters in three days

Donald Trump Attacked Six Black Women in Three Days: ‘Nasty,’ ‘Loser,’ ‘Racist Question’ and ‘Stupid Question’

Three N.C. counties elect first Black sheriffs; Black sheriffs make history in sweep of seven largest NC counties

California fires: 'Paradise Lost' after Apocalyptic Fire ravages the area

Video Shows the Terrifying Drive to Escape Massive Fire in Paradise, California

Nurse fights flames escaping N. California fire

Shades of 2000: With ballots still uncounted, Florida races are going to recounts

Game changer: Over 1 Million Florida Felons Win Right To Vote With Amendment 4

‘Impact’ of Black political wins is a myth

Maryland’s GOP governor finding support from Blacks and Democrats

Sanders aids Jealous in bid to unseat Hogan

Election results in Florida and Georgia prompt soul-searching for African Americans

Georgia’s Black women key to Stacey Abrams’ bid for governor

'I'm not going anywhere': Andrew Gillum concedes Florida governor's race

In midterm elections, some were hired, most were fired and some of these crooks stayed in on job

Andrew Gillum loses bid to become first Florida’s Black governor

Local Black leaders provide call to action for inclusive leadership

Midterms 2018: Early voting by young people up 500% in Texas and Georgia

Why candidates Are spending a record $4 billion on the midterms? This crooked ass shit — we got the best mid-term elections money can buy

Trump stumps in cities that don't look that much like US

In age of Trump, Black women running for office in higher numbers

Milwaukee Black Panthers plan lead awareness campaign, Hop protest

COMMENTARY: Three Misconceptions About the Black Vote

'This is Georgia': hate, hope and history in election that shows the clash of two Americas

Clyburn earmarks may benefit friends, family

Jeffries or Clyburn? A fight could be brewing to lead House Democrats

Deals, dialogue on the menu for DC’s Black Restaurant Week

Obama urges Democrats to vote for Abrams in ‘most important election of my lifetime’

After trying to bully Black voters to the poll, Barack Obama Responds Multiple Times To Hecklers During Florida Campaign Rally

Michael Cohen: Trump said 'Black people are too stupid to vote for me'

During a campaign rally in Miami, Former President Barack Obama was interrupted by hecklers, with one interrupting him just after he commented on what he called the divisiveness of political rhetoric that "pits us against one another."

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Removal of Black Student by Police Was Not Prompted by Bias, Investigations Conclude. What was it then? Racism! Racism! Racism!


Black teens were allegedly kicked out of mall over no-hoodie policy, so 4 white women wore hoodies 'just to see what would happen'



After Black teens arrested for wearing hoodies at Memphis Mall four white women wore them to highlight racist hoodie policy


Police killings of Black men in the U.S. and what happened to the Cops? They get off because they were always in fear of their lives. He was dead but we had to handcuffed that Nigger too!


‘Public hanging’ remark puts spotlight on Miss. Senate race



GOP leans on party switchers to keep the Senate


Cops Release Sketch of White Suspect in Subway Attack on Black Mother of Two


Only a fucking coward would handcuff a man already dead


News-to-News from 'Black News'


Fewer Black male doctors has broader public health impact


The Midterms Swept in a New Class of Black Politicians


Rochester Hills man to be sentenced for shooting at lost Black teen — give that hating cracker live!


Trying to do good while Black will get you killed everytime


‘If Trump Is A White Supremacist, He’s Doing A Very Good Job For Black People,’ Says ‘Young Black Conservative’


We need Black men to step up and become teachers — a crack-pipe dream


Black WWII veteran from Charleston faced bombs abroad, prejudice at home


Bernie Sanders claims white voters in Florida and Georgia were 'uncomfortable' voting for Black candidates — Is that right? This is the South!


#BlackGirlMagic: Nineteen Black judges elected in Texas


'Horrific scene': 13 dead including gunman at California bar


Alabama losing ‘100 years of Black political knowledge' but new leaders rising


Donald Trump Accuses Black Reporter of Asking 'Racist Question' About His Nationalist Rhetoric


Jahana Hayes, former national teacher of the year, becomes first Black woman elected to U.S. House from Connecticut


US midterm elections kick off as country polarized along party lines (WATCH LIVE)


Why Illinois Is the Mecca of Black Political Power


Trump target Maxine Waters is poised to take a lead on banking regulation — that crazy ass witch gone fuck Trump up. Trump don't know who he's dealing with!


Will the ‘Taiwan question’ give rise to a World War III scenario? so where will Blacks stand?


Black caucus foundation pledges disclosure on scholarship review — com'on now, these Niggers will steal a penny off a dead man's eyes


Pressley officially Massachusetts’ 1st Black congresswoman


Black candidates for first time win sheriff, DA in largest Alabama county


Voters Relax Marijuana Laws In 3 More States: Michigan, Utah, Missouri


The story of the Black vote in America


Need to be looking for another job, prosecutors oppose release of body-camera footage in arrest of black female student by school-resource officer at Hanes Magnet Middle School.


Stacey Abrams 'I don't want anyone to vote for me because I'm Black'


How do we stop Trump? Vote like Black women


‘O.J. strategy’: Lawyers say prosecutors ask about guilt to cull Black jurors


Tony Norman: Voting While Black -- and American


Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson to Black opponents: 'Being a crooked Black politician in Chicago is good work, if you can get it!'


9 of the Biggest Slave Owners in American History


Florida March For Black Women Encouraging South Floridians To Vote


23-year-old woman saves a man from jumping off a bridge: 'God has a purpose for everyone'


Can a Black candidate win Florida’s top job? Andrew Gillum bids to make history.


A defense of Black Lives Matter from the activist in the blue vest


Black freshmen enrollment drops sharply at U of Maryland


First time in the history of America the Black community got a white woman on the run


Chris Rock and Keegan-Michael Key tell black people what to do if they're turned away at polling place



Republicans, yet again, do right by Black Americans


Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) is facing a tough Congressional battle after disagreeing with President Trump