Defying Trump; Michael Bennett says he'll continue to sit during national anthem despite consequences

Black News@

Sam Cooke - Blowing in the Wind

Sam Cooke - The Best Things In Life Are Free

Sam Tennessee Waltz Live at Copa

Mad Hatter and Trump fighting leave the Black community lose for words

Trump slams 'wacky' Frederica Wilson amid Gold Star widow controversy

Deadly ambush in Niger could be Trump's 'Benghazi': Democrat Frederica Wilson

The war of words between Myeshia Johnson, Rep. Frederica Wilson, and President Donald Trump continues

Poll finds most African-Americans view Black Lives Matter as an effective movement

Drama Unfolds Between Democrats Over Rumor About Ousting Three Black Women DNC Members

A fallen Black soldier being disrespected? That's not an aberration in America

Sgt. La David T. Johnson of Miami Gardens, the soldier and father who was killed in Niger, returned home Tuesday afternoon.

Trump was given an official statement of condolence for the US soldiers killed in Niger but never delivered it

Default Crisis for Black Student Borrowers — No Support System

Black US students borrow a lot more to go to college—and almost half default on their loans

Colin Kaepernick’s collusion lawsuit against NFL could have historic implications

Elizabeth Warren endorses Boston Mayor Marty Walsh in mayoral race and piss-off Blacks

If Russian Meddling in 2016 Election Called Attention to American Hatred of Blacks, Then That's A Good Thing!

This campaign appears to be engaged in a sustained, deep disinformation effort intended to rile up racial tensions in the United States. If Cops Stop Killing Niggers In The Streets, Their Campaigns Can't Work — Dumb Americans!!

America is divided on whom to blame for Black Americans’ challenges in getting ahead — blame yourself!!

Keep your mouth shut, Nigger, and just play football because your opinion ain't worth shit

Gettysburg: Where white armies battled over the fate of Black lives

The battle of Santa Clara and the making of the myth of Che Guevara

Che, Che Guevara's legacy still contentious 50 years after his death in Bolivia

Never-before-seen home videos reveal "icon of cool" Che Guevara as 'precocious' middle-class youngster with a good sense of humour

How we got played by the Russians on Facebook

Congressional Black Caucus says it will welcome new Black Republicans

Trump received like a rockstar in Puerto Rico

Black kids are 6 times more likely than whites to be kicked out of Horry Schools

Marches for Racial Justice and Black Women Converge in Washington

Women’s March on Washington Opens Contentious Dialogues About Race

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Sam Cooke - The Best Things In Life Are Free — In America we all are the same


How test scores can block Black students from the University of Minnesota


We say Black lives matter. The FBI says that makes us a security threat.


Classroom photo from historical lesson stirs controversy


16 celebrities you probably didn't know attended historically Black colleges and universities


Juvenile Court reports improvement in equal treatment for Black children


In attempt to sow fear, Russian trolls paid for self-defense classes for


Who Says ‘No One’s From D.C.’? Not Black Washingtonians


More than just books, Black history and culture center opens Saturday at Central Library


How Campus Racism Could Affect Black Students' College Enrollment


For Black athletes, wealth doesn’t equal freedom


ACLU wants FBI records on activists labeled 'Black identity extremists'


W.E.B. Du Bois’s Little-Known, Arresting Modernist Data Visualizations of Black Life for the World’s Fair of 1900


Will Virginia Stay Blue? It Depends on Black Turnout Next Month.


Hate Crime Charged in Fatal Stabbing of Black Maryland Student


Trump Threatens N.F.L. and Attacks Jemele Hill of ESPN


"An unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates


5 arrested in 1983 'racially motivated' murder of 23-year-old black man in Georgia


Ta-Nehisi Coates on the unfair expectation that one black president could undo inequality


New Minneapolis police data dashboard confirms that yes, Blacks get stopped more — Right, but tell US something we don't know!


Israeli minister says was misunderstood on war remarks with Iran


Charlottesville: Warrant issued for DeAndre Harris — The White Man Say the Nigger Beat Himself UP


White restaurant manager enslaved black man for years, federal prosecutors say


Black Minnesota teacher says district discriminated against him for questioning race-based programs


Like the Cops who couldn't shoot straight, North Korea hacked South's secret joint US war plans!!


Police overtime costs mounting as protests continue in St. Louis — don't stop!!


Weinstein's casting couch horror


Will America’s ‘Black Mecca’ Elect a White Mayor?


Black Lives Matter protests fundraiser for suspended officer


Study shows Black, white football fans have divergent views of the game


Black and Queer and Living in the South, Ahomari Sings It Like It is


Russian Facebook ads showed a black woman firing a rifle, amid efforts to stoke racial strife


Black Lives Matter Protests ACLU Because Being Liberal Is Apparently Now 'White Supremacy'


Why are straight Black women in Philly at high risk of HIV? Map offers clues


Pittsburgh Public Schools still seeing achievement gaps in Black, white students


For Black Applicants, the Hiring Market Hasn’t Changed Much in 25 Years


1 in 7 white families are now millionaires. For black families, it’s 1 in 50