Inner city violence is driven by a ubiquitous racism in Black American life: this racism forces many Blacks into a life of crime. How fucking hard is that to understand?



One year after Ferguson, Americans are far more worried about black rights

“Sadly, because President Obama has done such a poor job as President, you won’t see another black president for generations!” Trump tweeted last year.


Mitch 'The Turtle' McConnell filibustered his own proposal (sic) to defund Planned Parenthood. Here's why.


Congressional Black Caucus Calls Out Tech's 'Shameful Lack Of Diversity'

First, Learn Math!


Is the mistreatment of Black Americans payback by some whites for Black support for Obama at the polls?


Did them lames at the National Urban League let Hillary off the hook by not asking about the 1996 crime bill her husband passed that locked up millions of innocent Black men... Did them Niggers ask her that?


The Tangled Web of Race in Racist America


Prosecutor: White Charlotte officer panicked before shooting black man


O’Reilly blasts ‘civil rights industry’ as nothing but a ‘hustle’ and ‘BS’


Even Bill ORelly is right sometimes

Jimmy Carter: America Still Racist, Civil Rights Unrealized

Dick Gregory And The 2015 Message To Black America


This GOP debate a multi-ring circus fun to watch not to believe


Trump: I’ll win the Black vote, too!


Is Trump Right? A Look at What Obama's Done for Black Community


More Americans of all races agree that black people are treated poorly in the US

Ain't nobody doing nothing to them Niggers

Inner city violence is driven by ubiquitous racism in America: that racism forces many Blacks into a life of crime


The Face of Institutional Racism in Maryland’s Criminal Justice System

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